10 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Car Purchase

What you should know before you go!
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Founder of Car-Buy-Her

10 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Car Purchase

By Car-Buy-Her Written By Sheronde Glover

Buying a car can be an expensive undertaking, but there are some ways to save money when shopping for a car.

1. Rebates and Incentives – Look for manufacturer rebates and incentives and make sure you take advantage of them. Manufacturers often offer incentives to move cars faster, but not all rebates and incentives are common knowledge, so make sure you do diligent research on the car you’re interested in buying.

2. Best Interest Rates – Financing is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the cost of your car and interest rates make a significant difference in what you will pay over the course of time. To get the best interest rate you want to check around. If you have a credit union, start there first then check your bank and other financial institutions. You can also check with the dealership to determine their interest rates as well, but remember the dealership is not the only source you have for financing.

3. Trade-In – If you have a trade-in, try selling it on your own first. If you don’t have the time or just don’t want to be bothered and you do work with the dealership, make sure you mention your trade-in after you’ve discussed and negotiated the price of the car. This way you’ll get the best offer for your trade-in, which can be applied towards the price of the car, separately.

4. Low Demand Vehicles – Vehicle pricing is based on a number of factors, the manufacturers suggested retail price, auto popularity, and what the consumer is willing to pay. High demand cars that are moving off the lot quickly offer less room for negotiation if the dealership knows they can sell the car easily. Instead, consider lower demand cars.

5. Negotiate Pricing and Auto Terms – By negotiating the price of the car as well as your payment terms you can save hundreds and even thousands over the life of your loan. When buying your car focus on the cost of the car and the length of the loan versus the monthly payments.

6. Buy Used – Buying used as opposed to new can save you some money. When buying used consider the history of the car and your options. You can buy from either a franchised or independent dealership, a private party, or an auction.

7. Buy the Previous Years Model – Consider the previous years models. If at all possible, begin your search during September and the last quarter of the year. Newer models are coming in and the emphasis will be on the newer models and clearing the sales floor of older models.

8. Beware of Extra Features – Today cars can do almost anything you want them to —- give you directions, alert someone when there’s an emergency, unlock and lock themselves, so forth and so on. It’s easy to get excited about the latest and greatest features, but getting too excited will cost you. Determine what you need most to feel comfortable and safe and go from there. Don’t let sales staff talk you into features you don’t need or want.

9. Know What the Extras Are – While extended warranties and service contracts are nice assurances when your car’s having problems, it’s also important to know that these are extras and therefore optional purchases. Consider what coverage you need most and if you need an extended warranty immediately and if you want to purchase it from the dealership. There are other companies that sell warranties that may be less expensive. Do your research and find out.

10. Know the Comprehensive Cost of Your Car – Outside of the cost of the car itself, you should know what it takes to insure, drive, maintain, and keep your car on the road. Many buyers fail to factor in the comprehensive cost of the car, which can be problematic in the long run

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