2019 Onyx Woman Leadership Award Honoree, Tracy L. Edmunds, Connects Her Passion for the Arts with Her Love for Working with Young People


My current job connects my passion for the arts with my interests in education and working with young people. 

Name: Tracy L. Edmunds
Title: Vice President, Arts Education
Company: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Industry: Performing Arts
Years in this Industry: 15 Years

1. Why did you choose this profession? 

I have always enjoyed arts and entertainment. As a young child, I clearly recall seeing my first live show, Bubbling Brown Sugar, at the Stanley Theater. I was mesmerized from the opening curtain until the final bow. Over the next several months I tried to sing and dance just like this beautiful professional ensemble. With maturity and self-awareness, I recognized a career as a performing artist was not realistic (I can’t sing or dance). My current job connects my passion for the arts with my interests in education and working with young people. 

2. What role has the support of other women played in your success? 

I wouldn’t be here without the strength and support of the women in my family; most importantly, my mother. Her commitment to family and the standards she set for her children laid the foundation for excellence, and has guided me throughout my life and career. 

3. What does receiving this award mean to you? 

I am truly grateful to receive an Onyx Woman Leadership Award, and to be recognized for my leadership contributions to the Pittsburgh community and most importantly, for my support of women. To be counted among the other incredibly successful and talented recipients of this award is an amazing honor. Thank you! 

4. What advice would you give to other women who want to go into your field? 

My professional life began as an assignment editor in the television newsroom. I never imagined that the skills I gained working in news, and later as a producer for talk radio stations, would eventually help me make the leap to hold an executive position at one of the leading arts organizations in the country. The arts include a variety of career options including arts education, marketing, finance, fundraising, engineering and facility management. You don’t have to be a dancer, actor or visual artist to have a career in the arts.

5. What would you tell other women about overcoming obstacles? 

Be confident, but know that you will make mistakes. Fortunately, there is a lesson in every one of them. Learn from them. When faced with challenges, seek feedback and be available to offer help to other women facing obstacles. Work collaboratively, provide encouragement and nurture each other’s ideas. 

On May 4, 2019, we will be honoring Tracy along with 18 other women who have been selected for their contributions to other women. For early registration, go to: https://onyxwoman.com/vip-onyx-woman-leadership-award/

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