2021 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards Honoree: Allegra Battle Wants to Teach Her Daughter the Importance of Supporting Other Women

Name: Allegra Battle
Title:   Freelance journalist, blogger
Company:  CitySTYLE412
Industry:  Communications/Journalism

Photo by Chelsea Alberti

What role has the support of other women played in your success?

Throughout my career, tribes of successful, talented, sisters have supported my business and personal goals, and I have also been a part of support networks for many of the same women who have supported me. I consider these women, mentors, allies, teachers, and angels. I believe that when women feel supported and can support other women – bridges and safety nets are built that become fertile grounds where ideas, concepts, and business can be born.

What would you tell other women about overcoming obstacles?

Everyone faces obstacles; obstacles are roadblocks in life. Roadblocks aren’t the end of the journey-they are only detours to the destination. Roadblocks – are alerts to dangerous situations. Roadblocks are put in place for construction, repair or replacement. As women, we are often taught that obstacles are malicious, but I believe that obstacles are helpful and can navigate us through life.

What does receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership Award mean to you?

Receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership Award is an honor. To be recognized by Onyx Woman – a lifestyle brand that celebrates Black women and all of our flyness – is the reason why I support, advocate and stand for other women entrepreneurs. This award proves that women can collaborate and work together. This award is not only for me but for my 13-year-old daughter – I want her to learn the importance of women supporting each other. 

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, we will celebrate Allegra and other women of excellence at a private ceremony.

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