2021 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards Honoree: Kimberly Slater-Wood Embodies a Visionary Leader

Kimberly Slater-Wood, MBA
Kslater Consultin

What role has the support of other women played in your success?

The role women have played in my success has been substantial.   I am first reminded of the honesty, encouragement, love, and confidence, particularly in the midst of adversity, provided by my mom.  Notwithstanding the role of my “sister squad,” my go-to group, who have supported my success professionally and academically through trust, sharing their respective network, allowing me to be vulnerable without fear, candid conversations, providing critical feedback and celebrating my achievements has been priceless!

What would you tell other women about overcoming obstacles?           

What I would tell other women about overcoming obstacles is to value and know that obstacles are a means of building character, integrity, and grit toward success and authentic leadership.  Moreover, understanding that crucibles, which are tests and trials, are inevitable. These are the gifts that provide insight, increase self-awareness and will shape us to emerge as committed and extraordinary leaders!  Most importantly, women should not give up when obstacles arise.  Otherwise, the result will be fewer female leaders, which equate to fewer female role models.

What does receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership award mean to you?

Receiving the esteemed Onyx Woman Leadership award is an honor!  It signifies that my peers have deemed me worthy of mirroring the core values of what the Onyx Woman represents.  Leading with purpose, collaboration and other essential qualities of authentic and visionary leadership have always been my intent while advocating on behalf of women, particularly women of color.  This award provides an additional opportunity to further empower women and see their visions come to fruition.     

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, we will have a private ceremony to celebrate Kim and other awesome women just like her.

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