2021 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards Honoree: Nicole Narvaez Manns is Pulling for Her Sisters

Author Nicole Narvaez Manns

Nicole Narvaez Manns
Title: Inventor/Owner
Company: Nikki’s Magic Wand
Industry: Cosmetics and Cosmetic Tools
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What role has the support of other women played in your success?

Women have been absolutely vital to my success. My grandmother reared me and the values that she imparted to me have carried me to this day. Any polish, class, or common sense that you see on or in me is honestly just a display of my grandmother and her lessons. With regard to my cosmetics business, it would not exist if not for other women. I am not solely talking about purchasing my products, which of course is key, but I am also talking about other women pulling and praying for me. I am talking about other women inviting me to their homes, businesses, television shows and giving me a platform to be myself and share my business. Other women are the only reason this business exists.

What was the bravest thing you have ever done that got you where you are today?

The bravest thing I have ever done was to trust myself. I trusted that I was smart and savvy enough to create something that didn’t exist. I trusted that I could thrive after leaving situations that disrupted my peace. I trusted that I could lead multiple teams at my 9 to 5 and be effective and successful in representing my staff, my company, and black women as well.

What does receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership award mean to you?

Given that this award recognizes leaders who have supported other women and made contributions to the community at large, it means absolutely everything to me. I consider myself a woman’s woman – someone who is always pulling for my sisters. Someone who is always open and willing to share knowledge and/or a connection so that women can grow and shine. I personally feel that we all have an obligation to leave people and situations better than we found them. I take that role very seriously. It brings me joy to be in a position to share my good times and bad experiences, with the hopes that someone can benefit from them. I am honored and thankful to be recognized for this prestigious award.

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, we will celebrare Nicole and other dynamic women like her at a private ceremony. Check back in for photos.

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