2023 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards Honoree Shawna Solomon


Shawna Solomon is a business magician with the expertise, skills, and experience needed to break these shackles and help small businesses progress toward a consistent path of productive growth. Previously working as a celebrity fashion stylist, she conceived and launched her boutique, which has garnered some notable corporate awards in the past few years. 

Shawna has embarked on a more fulfilling journey by starting her own business consulting and brand development firm, Shawna Solomon and Associates. Her focus is to assist Black women entrepreneurs in reaching six figures and more paths of growth and overcoming the “stuck” feeling in their business ventures. She envisions empowering and strengthening Black businesswomen like herself to become financially independent and grow their companies to a higher level of self-sustenance and long-term stability.

Her efforts to support and encourage entrepreneurship for women at various local and corporate levels have earned her several awards, including Pittsburgh’s 50 Women of Excellence. 

Her unending passion for women’s empowerment has been a source of inspiration for others as well. She has proficiently assisted over 40 women in getting off government assistance and finding financial freedom through entrepreneurship. She has enabled over 75 seasoned women entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals effectively. 

Shawna aims to facilitate organizations in realizing exponential growth and provides professional retail business courses for various organizations. Featured in renowned magazines and online platforms, Shawna believes there is no magic pill to achieve success in this world. She encourages Black women to reach out for higher glories of success by opting for entrepreneurship as a growth medium and becoming the lady bosses of their own lives. 

She teaches women never to undervalue or overlook the power of dreaming. Shawna believes that great success in business always sprouts out from just one tiny seed or idea. 


We asked our honorees about their self-care lifestyle

Shawna’s Self-care Practice

Self-care for me is delegation & boundaries. Being a full-time entrepreneur, wife, and mom, time is valuable for me. Building a team allows me to provide my clients with the best service and take off my cape to take days off to spend time & create memories with my family. Boundaries allow me to ‘close,’ so I’m not always in work mode. These two together have provided a level of peace and success that is priceless. 

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