2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Honoree Vanessa Bartee


Ms. Bartee is an administrative professional at Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS) with extensive expertise in government relations. Having served the Federal Government for 33 years, she has since retired and now offers her valuable skills to DCS. Ms. Bartee’s career began in Customer Service, where she displayed exceptional dedication and commitment, steadily advancing through the ranks. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in resolving complex and sensitive cases that couldn’t be resolved through conventional channels. Notably, she handled Congressional inquiries and cases escalated to the Problem Resolution Department with utmost efficiency, promptly resolving issues, implementing necessary account adjustments, and providing vital information to prevent recurrences.

Ms. Bartee was promoted to Department Manager, overseeing nine supervisors and their teams, which consisted of 18–20 individuals per team. In this leadership role, she provided guidance and direction to service both internal and external customers.

Ms. Bartee’s commitment to community service is evident from her past role as the president of The Association for Improvement of Minorities (AIM) in the Internal Revenue Service. AIM is dedicated to assisting employees with personal development, career advancement, and community engagement. Even after retiring, Ms. Bartee’s passion for making a positive impact persisted as she continued to volunteer at Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS), a community economic empowerment consulting company. As DCS grew, it did not take long for her skills to add value, so she was hired. She continues to enjoy volunteering in her community and actively participates in her church’s women’s ministry.

Ms. Bartee holds an associate’s degree in specialized business in computer management from the ICM School of Business. Beyond her professional pursuits, she loves helping people, making jewelry, traveling, and being with family and friends.

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This event is being held the weekend of Mother’s Day, so we asked our honorees about the role their mother’s played in their success.

 Vanessa: How My Mom Has Impacted My Success

 Growing up in West Virginia during the Depression, my mom maintained an unwavering optimism that shaped my perspective on life. Despite the challenges, she instilled in me the belief that I could achieve anything. Her selflessness and willingness to support me in every way possible left a lasting impact. I vividly recall struggling with Algebra, unable to grasp the teacher’s method. My mom, having her unique approach, guided me through the problems. Although my teacher criticized my “too many steps,” I defended my understanding, emphasizing the correct bottom line. Eventually, he relented, allowing me to tackle it my way. Through this, my mom imparted a valuable lesson—there are diverse solutions to problems, none inherently right or wrong, just different. Being different is what makes each of us special.

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