21 Office Organizing Tips


By Janet M. Taylor

In 2015 I celebrated 21 years in business so I decided I would end the year sharing 21 tips that can help you organizeoffice-925806_1280 your office and clear piles from your desk.

I challenge you to take one of the tips and use it before the end of this year. Share how it has made an impact on how you work or if you have a favorite tip please let me know.

  1. When you remove a file from the cabinet put it back when you are done.
  2. Use a filing cart, desktop file or designate a drawer to organize project related documents.
  3. Develop a master file of important business documents (Business Licenses, Contractor’s Licenses, Financial Statements).
  4. Establish a retention schedule to yearly purge documents.
  5. Create an archive for old financial, contract and client documents. Scan them to eliminate the need to keep physical copies.
  6. Scanning receipts will reduce the paper piles and help you stay on top of business expenses.
  7. When possible place office equipment used regularly within reach (printer, scanner, fax).
  8. Use clear storage boxes to organize the accessories to your equipment and technology.
  9. When organizing information in binders clearly label them.
  10. Weekly go through your in-basket to purge papers.
  11. Open mail by the wastebasket tossing junk mail immediately.
  12. Use magazine files/boxes to organize magazines and other publications you decide to keep.
  13. Unsubscribe to publications you don’t have time to read.
  14. To better manage your time and stay focused on projects, develop the habit of creating a daily to-do list.
  15. Double the time you think it will take to complete a task. If you think it will take you 30 minutes to organize your bookcase schedule 60 minutes to ensure you have time to purge, organize and clean up the area when you are done.
  16. Check your schedule before you say yes.
  17. Learn to delegate to avoid doing everything yourself.
  18. Overcome procrastination by breaking projects down into manageable tasks.
  19. Lay your clothes out and pack your tote the night before.
  20. Try and use only one tote bag. When you use a different tote each time you leave the house you are not aware of how much clutter you have accumulated until one day you look in your corner and see several bags full of papers, books, food, etc.
  21. Straighten your desk at the end of the day, and especially at the end of the week so that you can start each morning with a clear desk.
Janet M. Taylor is a professional organizer, speaker, podcast host and author with over 20 years of experience helping companies organize office, files and workspaces. If you are ready to get your life totally organized visit her website at www.janetmtaylor.com
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