3 Power-Stealers That Slow Down Your Goal Achievement


By Dianne Hart PettisDianne Hart Pettis
Author of Affirm Your Life Now: Using Affirmations to Attract the Prosperous Life You Were Meant to Have. Available on www.DianneHartWellness.com.
Ms. Pettis is a certified John Maxwell Team coach and speaker.

Is this you? Things aren’t happening as quickly as you want them to. You feel stuck; spinning your wheels. Nothing seems to work in your favor.  Well, most likely, you’re doing most things right; but your efforts need a little more power.

I’ve found that there are three main things that tend to slow the growth of some pretty sharp people. The first is lack of clarity.  Vague ideas won’t get you where you want to go. Be very specific about your desired outcome. Write your ideas down in detail.  When you know exactly where you want to go, it’s like shining a laser on your goal instead of a flashlight.  Your thinking will become sharper; and you’ll begin to attract the best people and situations to assist you. And did I mention writing it down?  Writing your goals adds tremendous power.

The second productivity zapper is negative energy.  Your emotions create energy, and have power – magnetic power.  The stronger the emotion, the stronger the energy.  All emotions will attract like energy.  So if you find yourself angry, doubtful, depressed, envious, critical, or resentful; you’ll become surrounded by an unseen cloud of negative energy that will repel the people and circumstances you need to accomplish you goal.  What is your prevalent mood most days?

The third power thief is negative self-talk.  There are already plenty of people ready and willing to put you down. So, you’ve got to counteract that and be your own cheerleader.  Negative words are just like the negative emotions.  I always tell people, “What you say is what you get”.  What you say to yourself has power, so choose your words wisely.

The energy to attract or repel is all around you; even if you don’t understand it.  Learn to consciously control your thoughts and words in order to use the unseen energy for your benefit.  You deserve to realize your goals and dreams sooner than later.

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