Attorney Marsha Grayson Wants You to Follow Your Dreams


Marsha H. Grayson, Esq.marshagrayson
Grayson Law Firm, LLC
30 Years in the Industry

OW: What has been your greatest inspiration?
MG: Knowing that I am making a difference for the good of others.

OW: Name one person who you consider to be a great role model and tell us why.
MG: It is difficult to name one person who has been a role model to me. There are so many people God has placed in my path during my life who have been great role models. To include, and not limited to, my husband and children. By naming one person, I would do a great disservice to all who have supported my career and me.

OW: What is the biggest career mistake that you have ever made?
MG: Not going into business for myself sooner.

OW: What would you do differently in your career?
MG: I would have gone into private practice sooner. This would have a ordered me the opportunity to spend more time with my children when they were younger. My husband and I have always been active in the lives of our children. I know this question is about my career and not my family; however, I value my family relationships and if I had a “do over” I would want to get a better balance with my family coming first.

OW: What advice would you give to anyone about following their dreams?
MG: Pray to make sure your dreams are in line with God’s will for your life. After confirmation, move full speed ahead, allowing His spirit to guide you. Never give up, no matter how bleak things may seem. Move forward knowing you have the backing of your Heavenly Father. Trust God

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