Author Wants You to “Nurture Your Soul”


Email TheresaCENelson teal head shotNurture Your Soul Includes Self-Care Action Steps in Each Chapter! by Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson

With 30+ years in the Holistic Industry and walking her talk, Theresa Cloud Eagle uses holistic techniques to teach and remind hospice professionals and entrepreneurs how to Re-Fresh, Re-Ignite and Re-charge to maximize life for success. However anyone can benefit from this way of life. Taking care of our total self for increased energy, reduction of stress, clarity of mind, and physical endurance allows for greater efficiency to do the work we love to do. Theresa Cloud Eagle emphasizes the “how” as well as the “why” with practical applications!

“Self-care is often looked upon as being selfish. However, I know taking care of oneself is a “necessary show of self-love” in order to be of greater service to others. If a person does not take care of themself effectively, how can they be of help to anyone else? When our bodies and minds are exhausted from the stress that is heaped upon it every day, our energy becomes depleted, our health is jeopardized and the people depending on our skills could be put in a precarious position. Nurture Your Soul not only shares the disadvantages of people not taking care of themselves, but how, in simplistic ways, one can incorporate the benefits of self-care in their daily life using holistic strategies. Living a life of harmony and balance for our best outcome is ultimately what we all desire.”

Motivational & Inspirational
ISBN: 978-0-09753695-8-6 $15.95

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