Beauty is Yours!

Written by: Maia J WilliamsMaiaYSW
Maia is an up and coming fashion writer, T-shirt designer
and budding business owner.  
She is co-creator of Heels Over Haters

Society bases beauty off of what is mainly on the outside, especially for women and teenage girls. Our society says your weight, hair, skin, eyes, full lips and a plump rear-end are what makes you beautiful. Is our society wrong and biased to these characteristics? Being beautiful is beyond looks; it is about who you are inside as a person. People who are kindhearted, respectful and genuine are considered beautiful people. Who is society to create a specific image for it?

Every individual has a personal definition of what beauty is. I think anybody with confidence, good self-esteem and a kind heart is beautiful. As long as you feel beautiful inside, nobody should be able to tell you differently. In my opinion, no amount of makeup, attire, or materialistic items can make you a beautiful person inside. Being beautiful is all about how you define it, and we all have our different opinions. I think we all can agree that beauty is more than what society’s perception is. Beauty is yours, not society’s!

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