Between the Pages: Fed-Up with Violence against Women & Girls?

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Executive Director and Founder

After surviving an abusive relationship that almost took her life, she became passionately committed to ending violence in the lives of women and girls. To that end, her vision is to bring awareness and education about violence against women and girls to as many people as possible.

Women Against Abusive Relationships (WAAR) is an awareness, education, and prevention program. We teach participants how to identify the signs of abusive behavior and how a healthy relationship looks. We also offer empowerment activities through our Healing Space to help participants make informed choices necessary for healthy relationships and self-sufficiency after experiencing intimate partner violence.


WAARs mission is to break the cycle of violence against women and girls and aid in their healing process.


WAAR visualizes a world where women and girls are treated with dignity and respect and they will no longer be beaten and/or raped.

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