Blayre Holmes Davis is a Woman to Watch

Blayre Holmes Davis, Director of Partnerships and Program Development, Adagio Health

How many years have you been in your industry?

I have been in the nonprofit industry for 7 years.


What has been your greatest inspiration?

The women in my life. From my mom, to my sister, my mentors, my co-workers, and professional networks. They are constant guides in my personal and professional life. They are truly gems of wisdom. I hope one day I can impart in someone’s life what they have so gracefully imparted in mine.

 What advice would you give to anyone about following their dreams?

You never want to wake up one day and wonder what if. So go out there and make your dreams happen! Also, follow your gut and inner voice. They will never steer you wrong.

What was the best thing that you have ever done that got you where you are today?

Early in my career, I decided to leave the for-profit sector. It was the best decision I ever made.

 What would you tell your younger self?

You are absolutely brilliant! Just wait and see. You are going to change the world. And, take a minor in women’s studies.

 When did you first become aware of your purpose?

When I gave a lecture on the women’s rights and the gender wage gap. I’ve never felt more like myself. I knew I was making a difference and living my purpose.

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