Born of Sin

Pamela Vines
Pamela Vines, Author

Born of Sin is a mainstream fiction novel set in Pittsburgh in the early 1980’s. The story follows a complex and layered African-American family dealing with the universal affects of betrayal, unrequited love, and redemption.

Conceived out of wedlock and “born of sin,” Jacob (Jay Dee) Dewitt suffers deeply at the hands of his resentful stepfather. Away from home, alone on the streets of Pittsburgh, Jacob lies about his age and assumes a new identity. Intelligent and ambitious, he soon gets recruited by the city’s crime organization. His yearning for acceptance take him places he might otherwise avoid. Jacob embraces his new family that consists of an up-and-coming madame and other drug runners.

He grows up fast. It doesn’t take long for the big boss to discover Jacob’s quick mind and other talents. Despite his rising status, Jacob yearns for a righteousness the streets can’t provide. To fill the void, he attends the University of Pittsburgh and uses his gifted knowledge about the Bible to encourage his crew. Word of mouth spreads and miraculous things happen to the people he helps. Unfortunately, Jacob discovers that church and crime are an unholy union.

Alternating between the fictional town of Edgeboro, North Carolina in 1976 and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the early 1980’s, Jacob must choose between leaving the street family that embraced him and seeking a legitimate life with the family that disowned him.

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Born of Sin

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Author Bio:
Pamela Hart Vines is a communications professional and retired Army officer. She divides her time between running her crisis communications firm, Troop Public Relations, and writing. She studied at the University of Pittsburgh and Webster University. Reared in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, she now lives with her husband in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Join Vines’ conversations on Instagram: @phvines, Twitter: @the_write_won, and Facebook: Author Pamela Hart Vines.

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