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by JC Gardner

Lynette Mitchell Harley, a wife and mother of two children, is a South Carolina native who has spent over 25 years in the field of workforce services in the Southeastern United States.

In early 2017, Lynette will establish Career Corner Employment Services, LLC, a national employment agency. Birthed out of a lifelong career endeavor and a purpose to serve others nationwide, Lynette founded her business. The mission of the company is to be a full service resource for job seekers and a reliable solution for companies needing to hire employees. A few of the services offered will be portfolio preparation, one-on-one job skills development, and custom employment search coaching. For corporate clients, Lynette will focus highly on the needs of the company to match them with human resources that will add value and high productivity in the workplace. Lynette’s desire is to improve job search, job continuity, and employee retention.

Lynette has a passion for helping others. Her work experience, skills and education will be a valuable asset, as she works with individuals looking to find or change careers. She will also provide essential tools on how to search for jobs, interviewing skills and techniques, ways to negotiate, and dress for success. She looks to encourage and promote self-esteem and self-improvement for all of her clients.

With the advancement of technology, many soft skills that are still needed in the workplace are fading away. While technology has streamlined many processes, it has also reduced basic workplace etiquette. Soft skills are characterized as Collaborative Teamwork, Effective Communication, Proactive Decision Making, and Exemplary Customer Service. Emails and texting provide “real time” connections, but they do not take the place of human interaction. She hopes to work with her clients these critical skills, which would be an asset to any organization.

Lynette is very tuned into today’s workplace dynamics. People are looking for flexibility, work-life balance, more employee recognition, and other enticing benefits from their employers. Whenever possible, employees are leaving to find employment that is sustainable and rewarding. Take millennials, for example. Research from Deloitte found that two-thirds of millennials intend to leave their current organization with the next four or five years1. Gone are the days where young new hires intend on staying at their job for ten or twenty years. Millennials are used to multi-tasking and at a high level. When the next big thing comes along, they will not hesitate to advantage of a new opportunity.

With this anticipated turnover, companies will be left to fill open positions at a faster pace. Lynette hopes her company will be able to close the gap. She is positioning Career Corner to be one-stop shopping for companies needing quality staffing, whether temporary or permanent.

She is excited about launching her new business and will have a media tour and several in-person networking events throughout 2017. Please take note of the upcoming website to be launched in early 2017:

If you’re thinking of a career change, employment search assistance, or if you’re an employer looking for the right person, contact Career Corner Employment Services, LLC. When you’re ready to turn the corner in your career, Lynette will be delighted to assist you with resume preparation, industry-specific information, labor market information concerning professions that are in demand and information about networking, to name just a few of the many perks that will be available to Career Corner clients.

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Written by JC Gardner, an author, writing coach and inspirational speaker. She can be reached at

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