Dawn R. Webb Turner Shares Her Life’s Lessons With Our Youth

Dawn R. Webb Turner, Our House Development Real Estate Services, LLC.

 How many years have you been in your industry?

I’ve been in the property management sector of real estate for 14 years.  I’ve been a real estate investor for 12 years now.

What has been your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration has been my knowledge of self.  Since the age of 19 years old, I have dedicated my life to learning as much as I can about who I am as a melanated woman on this planet.  Through my studies and findings, I have become more and more confident in my ability to achieve any goal I put my mind to.  I know that “success” runs in our race!  I know that all life comes through us as the “Great Mother of Humanity”.  So, there is nothing we cannot achieve!

What has been your greatest inspiration?

I have two of the greatest parents in the world who have been together for 53 years.  However, I have to say that it was my mother who has been such a huge role model in setting the foundation which allowed me to obtain good habits for a financial grounding. My mother taught us early the importance of keeping an orderly home.  She always said it is not what you have, but how well you take care of things.  She was the epitome of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”!  You spend less when you honor what you have!

What advice would you give to anyone about following their dreams?

The advice I would give someone for going after their dreams would be the following things:

*Discipline yourself

*Make sure it is what “You” want to do

*Ask for help when needed

*Accept corrective criticism

*Be accountable for your miss takes!

(All of these things will help you grow…)

What is the biggest career or business mistake that you have ever made?

Let’s see…my biggest career or business mistake.  Hmm…I would have to say not listening to my mom who had been telling me for years that I have to start spending more time with people on my level.  I thought she was just being a little “bougie”.  One day she told me that I had friends that were actually distracting me from my purpose and just draining my energy.  It took me years later to really see that for myself.  Your circle of friends can either help push you forward or can keep you stagnant.  You can’t be afraid to let go of relationships that are not beneficial to you in your endeavors.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to not worry about people calling you slow.  Everyone has their own sacred geometry and I was designed to move at a pace in which I notice more things. I always got the “Doesn’t use time wisely”comment on my report card even though I had good grades.  That was because I enjoyed looking out the window at the birds while doing my work in class.  Schools want us to move at a pace to get prepared for the “rat race” to make others rich!

When did you first become aware of your purpose?

I first became aware of my purpose when I purchased my second house.  It was the house that I grew up in and I decided that I wanted to use it to help stabilize others and prepare them for homeownership.  Hence the name “Our House Development”.

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