Dionna Rojas is an Evolving Woman and a 2018 Woman to Watch



A mother, grandmother, wife, author, speaker and educator; daughter of the King, child of God, precious in His sight; Dionna Rojas fulfills many roles in her life, all of which flows out of her desire to love others and walk in the light. Her twenty-four year career in human services has spanned in many areas as she continues to build her knowledge and skills so that she can pass that wisdom on to others.

Dionna began her career as a paraprofessional at the Western Pa School for Blind Children, and it was there that she felt the call on her life to assist those without a voice. She furthered her education in this area, earning an Associates degree from Geneva College Center for Urban Biblical Ministry in Human Services. Always seeking to learn and grow, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, with a minor in Psychology. Dionna is also certified as an ACT: Raising Safe Kids facilitator. She has filled various roles over the years, all with an emphasis on the individual and communal well-being of marginalized children and adults.

Dionna’s voice is sought by many organizations, whether she is speaking on secular human rights issues or the concerns of Godly women. She has spoken at several churches women’s conferences including Showers of Blessing, Transform Me for a Moving Mountain Faith, and the Onyx Women’s Network: Evolving through Life’s Stages. Her voice has been added to the conversation in the secular world through the University of Pittsburgh Center for Health Equity’s conference on Criminal Justice and Health.  Dionna has also, through her work with the PEAL center, co-authored and contributed to their publication, Friendships: Building a Good Life.

First and foremost, Dionna’s role within her family is at the center of her life. Having many roles – first as a single mother, then within a blended family, an interracial relationship, and as special needs parent- add personal experience to her writings and teachings.

Read more of Dionna’s work at www.encouragement4everdayliving.com. Follow her on (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn information) or contact her at (professional email)

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