Disruption of Life: Catherine’s Story


by Janae C. Hill

Based upon the author’s real heartbreaking experiences, Disruption of Life: Catherine’s Story exposes the horrible truth that was her own childhood. As a little girl, Catherine is subjected to severe sexual, mental, and emotional abuse from the one woman she should be able to trust most in life: her mother. After suffering many painful years and the repercussions of this abuse, Catherine struggles to find acceptance, peace and love.

With the help of loving friends and family members, a doting husband, and the ever-powerful guidance of the Lord, Catherine reaches a point of peace that allows her to share this painful truth with her readers. Through her words, she wishes to encourage victims of similar situations to find their inner strength and still learn to love, despite all of the challenges.

“I want it to reach those that feel as if the darkness will never leave. I need to show them through my smile that yes they can smile again. They’re not trapped in a nightmare of hellish pain! I was inspired because if all the time I spent in the basement with out light as you will read in my book, my mom took out all the light bulbs.”

About the Author: Janae C. Hill maintains a strong network of friends and family, and she credits her success to her unshakeable faith in God.

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