Do you think that women are involved enough in politics?

Should we be cheering more women on to run for political office?
Should we be cheering more women on to run for political office?


We want to hear from you. What is your opinion on the roles that women play in politics? Do you think we have enough women in political positions.

Do you think that women are game-changers when it comes to issues that impact all women? Do you expect more from women politicians than you do from males?

Stay with us as we keep you abreast of the women who are on the run in politics; running for office, voting on decisions that matter and making a difference. We will also let you know what decisions are being made that will impact your quality of life.

We will also provide information to those who want to run for office.  Please leave your comments.

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  1. Diversity of voices is always a good thing in any healthy discussion. Even more so when it comes to setting PUBLIC policy. 

    We are currently living through a very unique time for women.  A roll back of our hard fought rights are literally being taken away in midnight legislation sessions.  It has begun to feel like the 1950’s, “Keep them barefoot and pregnant”

    The need for more Women in elected office is no longer an option, it is a IMPERATIVE, if we wish to survive! We must understand how powerful we have became as voters, wage earners, consumers, and opinion shapers.  We also strongly  influence  others. 

     In PA, we are  52% of the voters, I think that constitutes a majority. On a national basis, the percentage is a couple points higher. Do we really think this is not threatening to the existing power structure? 

    The only arena that we have not entered with the same intensity as everything else is the POLITICAL ARENA.  Contrary to what many will think it is not about taking over, it is about a seat at the table and a voice that is being heard and respected. 


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