Emerging Leader: Danielle R. Davis Shares Her Greatest Inspirations


Danielle R. Davis, Founder, Davis Consulting Solutions

How many years have you been in your industry? I have been in the community economic development industry for almost 20 years.

What has been your greatest inspiration? Seeing myself and others grow beyond the perceived limitations of growing up in impoverished homes and communities. To me, this is true ministry.

What advice would you give to anyone about following their dreams? Though the vision tarries (appears to be taking long), wait for it. That is a part of a scripture that is often quoted, and I know by experience it is not easy to always follow. It is worth it in the end.

What is the biggest career or business mistake that you have ever made?The biggest mistake that I ever made was not remembering that all of us have a story that influences our world-view, character, and behaviors. Therefore, if you are hurt by someone in the workplace, perhaps, it really is not personal. It’s un-dealt with pain on their part.

What was the best thing that you have ever done that got you to where you are today? The best thing I could have ever done was stayed persistent in my faith, continued to establish healthy relationships and consistent in the pursuits of my goals.

When did you first become aware of your purpose?I became aware of my purpose during the time I was working on my Bachelor’s degree. After completing several assessments, attending ministry classes, and discovering more about the interconnectedness of faith and serving in the marketplace, it became clearer.


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