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Need help preparing for employment opportunities?

We are here to offer you an opportunity to get hired through the Community2Work® (C2W) program

C2W is their workforce development program that highlights, builds, and strengthens transferable skills of candidates to qualify them for employment.

Their team assists job seekers with all levels of experience, but certain services are only for those who qualify based on their income. They focus on increasing access to employment opportunities for low-income residents in Southwestern PA and the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

As a community partner, C2W creates a stable workforce for companies like UPMC and helps individuals who want to build rewarding careers.

C2W addresses the challenges of the job market by providing job training, career coaching, and customized job search solutions for diverse candidates who seek long-term employment. Potential candidates are matched to a career path with employers such as UPMC and empowered with tools to overcome barriers to employment.

Learn how C2W can help you start a new career!

Check out the job seeker page if you still have questions and want to know more about how the Community2Work program can help you!

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