Fabulous Pants For Spring/Summer 2016


The wide leg, flare and palazzo pants are a great fashion style for Spring/Summer. If you’re wondering what’s the FLAREPANTSdifference in these styles, here’s your answer. The wide leg pants are cut wide from the thigh down to the hem.

The flare pants are tapered at the knee and resembles the “bell bottom” pants. The palazzo pants are cut wide from the thigh to the hem and often appears that one is wearing a wide skirt. What I love about these 3 styles is that they are appropriate for all body types (the hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle and inverted triangle) and they are so comfortable.

The important thing about pulling off these pant looks is wearing the right shoe. Here are some suggestions for you.

For the Wide leg pants, any heel, a sandal and especially a pointed toe shoe is a great choice. For the flare leg pants the peep toe bootie and the platform sandal are a great choice. For the palazzo pants, the wedge, platform sandal and a high heel are great. Also the ballet shoe is a good choice for this style, providing that the hem is the right length. For all of these styles, the fabric on the bottom of the pant leg should just hit the top of your shoe. You want to avoid having the pants drag on the ground.

So ladies I know that you’re going to be chic rockin these gorgeous pants.


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