Go Get That Job, Girl!


Go for it!

Are you going through a career block and not sure of exactly what you “Really” want to do with your life? Have you tried, “Job Shadowing?” Before you make the leap into unfamiliar territory, do your homework.

Is there a person that you have your eye on; someone that you admire…that someone who sparks your curiosity? Why not consider asking the person if you could shadow them for a day? You could save yourself time, money and effort if you acquire the opportunity to learn first-hand about what the job of your dreams actually details.

I suggest that once you have the person of interest, you should send them a letter, then follow-up with a phone call request.

In addition to acquiring a new contact, the person you shadow may have some leads and might become a reference for you. Please don’t forget to send a thank-you letter if you do get the opportunity to shadow the person.

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  1. Many of us at this moment are in the midst of reinventing ourselves due to a career layoff or wanting to pursue a passion that has been deferred for various reasons.

    Too many times we go into the “leap mode” before we do our research on things that effect our lives personally and professionally. Do the research….find out what a typical day is like in the profession. What education is required? Is it possible an equivalent of education/experience is acceptable. Are you interested in taking classes to increase your knowledge? Salary is important. What is the salary range for the position? If the salary is less than expected, are you able and willing to take a pay cut because you think the grass may be greener elsewhere?

    When it comes to “Getting That Job” we have to be proactive! Do your homework and R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H! Job Shadowing is the perfect opportunity to learn about the career of interest. Who knows…you may gain a mentor!


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