He Saw The Best In Me!


My husband, Daryl, gave me the check to start my business 31 years ago. I still have the sign that he and my son created that says, “Always be kind and don’t take up too much space in the house.” The first request was, and is, a challenge if you only knew the behind-the-scenes headaches, but I have more space to take up since starting my business.

What is one of the most important things to know about lasting for 31 years? Know the importance of building and nurturing solid, long-lasting relationships through integrity, commitment, and a dedication to delivering what you promise. Nope, you won’t always get it right, but you may get the opportunity to fix it. What is one of the worst mistakes that business owners can make? Poor customer service.

Admit when you are wrong, apologize, then execute a plan of action to secure the confidence of your clients. And remember that people hire you to be a solution, not a problem. No, the customer is not always right, but choose your battles carefully when choosing to make being right more important than being in business.

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