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After 26 years of publishing a magazine aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs, I realized there was a missing component to a self-empowered lifestyle. Women had no problem making time and sacrificing for others; yet failed to value their own selves, while still asking the question, “What about me?”

I am the mother of an autistic adult son and I also served as a caregiver to my 80-year old mother after she had to be temporarily relocated out of her home, and moved in with my family. The untimely situation made me realize the value of taking care of myself and encouraging other women to do so as well.

So I started a lifestyle blog called YSW to get their attention with fashion, style and cooking content, and I infused self-care tips and inspiring stories of encouragement to give ideas on how to apply self-care activities.

I knew that women wanted to care for themselves, but they needed some ideas on how to engage in self-care practices that were inexpensive, didn’t take up too much time, were fulfilling and resulted in enjoyable and memorable experiences. Women were neglecting their own happiness and well-being, which in turn was affecting their health and self-worth.

The stress of ignoring myself while caring for my loved ones resulted in an otherwise healthy woman who worked out often, eventually getting high blood pressure, lack of focus, lots of anxiety and a 5-pound weight gain; which through self-care, I later lost. I began to realize the emotional, mental and physical benefits of owning my self-care rights.

As a result of life’s learning experiences, I began to make self-care my priority and put just as much time into me as I did with my business and others around me. Self-care does not mean selfish; and my advice, guidance, stories, profiles and videos are designed to motivate other women to prioritize self-care. YSW: Your Stylish Ways

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