Hey Lady, Move That Mountain!




Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it seems like something is standing in the way of success. You can prepare and put as much as you can in place but unexpected obstacles manage to slow down the process in ways that make every goal seem harder to reach. Overcoming Obstacles is our theme for this month. June is a month of transitions. The school year ends, the summer begins and, for many, it begins a time of reflection or reorganization before the busy fall and winter seasons.

Look out for articles and advice this month about the many ways that evolving women have worked to succeed in the face of myriad challenges and stepped around the madness when so much seemed in the way.

We want to hear your stories of endings and beginnings. Tell us about the obstacles you have faced and the ways that you worked to grow your business, enhance your career and maintain your focus.

We also need inspiration—. Share your advice, tips and experiences with other women who can benefit from your guidance.


Ola Jackson

Creator of NEW: Nurturing Evolving Women

Providing women with the tools that can bring them closer to their goals

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