HomeGirl CEO: The Self-Distancing Movement


What’s a Girl to Do?

I have been working from home for almost 30 years. I considered it a movement a long time ago; backed by all of the studies which indicated that African-American women were one of the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs.

Fast forward to the 2020 Coronavirus self-distancing dilemma and more people are working from home than ever before.  Your new lifestyle as a woman who has to be self-motivated and self-inspired makes you the CEO of your career or an entrepreneur who now works from home if you haven’t been doing so already.

If you are not used to working from home, let me give you some tips:

  1. Avoid distractions.
    • Don’t answer any phone calls that are not related to work
  2. Set aside your work hours and be consistent.
    • If you have a routine of working 9-5; then stick with it daily
  3. If you have kids or other family members at home, set rules and boundaries as to when they could interrupt you; if at all.
    • If you need to put a sign on the door, then do it.
  4. Designate a work area with good lighting and peace.
    • Even if it is a space in the corner of a room, if you are comfortable and it is well lit, then go for it.
  5. Let family and friends know that just because you are accessible does not mean you are available.
    • Family and friends may try to take advantage of your availability. You may want to put a note on your voicemail explaining your work hours.
  6. Make sure you have the essential tools that you require to be an effective remote worker; which means check out the technology that you will need to communicate effectively with stakeholders, consultants, and clients.
    • The Zoom system is booming for meetings and meetups. Check out some quality headphones, microphones, and other needed tech accessories.
  7. Take a Break.
    1. Determine when and how you will plan your getaway and what you will do during the well-needed breaktime.

There are many benefits of operating a home-based business or remote work from home if you do it the right way.

Even without mandatory self-containment, the fact that you don’t have to go out into the cold during winter and can stay in a cool air-conditioned office in the summer are just minor benefits. But, having the flexibility of working when you want to and being home for your kids are on the top of the list of rewards.

If you own a home-based business, the fact that you don’t have to pay extra rent or other related rental expenses is an added benefit. The funds that would have been used to pay a landlord can be used to hire someone or can be applied to revenue-generating activities that increase your cash flow.

For business owners, brick and mortar can be a ball and chain that holds you hostage.  You may end up in a lease to pay for a roof over the head of your business that lasts longer than the business itself; this could result in legal issues and financial hardship.

If there is no substantial reason for you not to work from home then go for it. With the increased number of women either becoming a remote worker or starting a business, working from home is not just a trend; it is a movement! If you are a remote worker, the time you would have spent on the route back and forth to work and getting all dressed up can be used as downtime to start your day more relaxed without the hustle and bustle of rushing to a job you may not be all that crazy about.

Use the morning-time to start an early ritual of self-care activities even if it’s just meditating, having a gratitude moment, a quick workout, or simply some alone-time.

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