How Do You create Financial Stability in an Unstable World?



How do you create financial stability in an unstable world? That’s a question host Ola Jackson will ask Kimberly Palmer author of, “The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life,” and senior money editor for U.S. News & World Report, where she writes the popular Alpha Consumer blog.

Palmer illuminates the everyday faces behind this growing movement, starting with her own journey. Recognizing that journalism offers little job security —and with a baby to provide for—she decided to develop a series of financial planners. This supplemental business was soon providing a reliable income stream.

• Tips for figuring out the ideal side gig

• Ideas for keeping start up costs low

• Advice on juggling a fledgling enterprise and a full-time job

• and more

Companies guarantee nothing but today’s wages. It’s up to YOU to build financial stability.

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