Is Time on Your Side?


Is Time on Your Side?

I can’t think of too many things more valuable than time. We don’t own it. You can’t go back and get it; and boy does it move quickly. We can’t put it on layaway and it waits for no one. It is the one thing that we wish we had more of, but the thing that will never come again.  Time is not guaranteed to you and it owes you nothing.

Although, I  have not made any resolutions this year…I have made myself a promise that I will not be wasting my time, nor will I allow others to do so. In business, time is money and making money takes time.  God knows I consider myself an assertive sales/marketing person; but the thrill of the pursuit has taken on a new life.

I am closely evaluating how I spend my time and will be more selective about attending events and engaging in opportunities or so-called opportunities that result in a waste of time.

I will not be wasting time on people who keep asking for my advice and never taking it only to find themselves in the same situation. I’m not joining organizations that spend more time draining my mind, and sucking the life out of my soul.

If you don’t own anything else, own your time. Time-consuming activities that lead to nothing are simply not worthwhile, and not worth my TIME!


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