Kidpreneurs: Young Gifted and Self-Employed


Essynce Moore and Moziah Bridges


Nationwide ( — 15-year old entrepreneurs, Essynce Moore and Moziah Bridges, are disrupting the entrepreneur industry, leading by example after having started a business at a young age. Essynce started her business at the age of 10 and is owner of Essynce Couture, LLC based in Hillside, NJ. She’s an entrepreneur, actress, motivational speaker, fashion designer/stylist and author.

Moziah Bridges, on the other hand, started his business at age 9 and is the President and Creative Director Mo’s Bows based in Memphis, TN. His company, which was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, produces handmade bowties and is on a mission is to make men look and feel their best.

In addition to running their companies, both Essynce and Moziah travel around the country to teach, inspire, and empower other youth about entrepreneurship. Both of them also do a lot of motivational speaking at various schools, conferences, workshops, and more.

Their ultimate goal

Both say that they would like to help more young ones to be financially prepared for the world after elementary, middle, and/or high school.

They also want to encourage more young people to start a business, travel, be positive role models to other children, and live life unapologetically with integrity.

More than just teens

These young protégés and trendsetters are definitely whom your children should become familiar with. They’re precocious and living by example in a positive light. However, in their spare time they still manage to do fun teenage activities, such as hanging with their friends, going to the malls, roller skating, and so much more. Let’s not forget to mention their unique clothing styles.

Their wish list

Essynce says she would like to broaden her horizons, and also speak internationally. Moziah says he would one day like to expand his business to also include women’s clothing .

About Essynce Moore:
Essynce started designing clothes at the tender age of 6 with just for fun doodles in her school binder and notepads. Her passion was and still is, to find her own style, to share her creative upscale clothing ideas and styles with youth around the world, and to encourage reading. Essynce is a “teen” that has turned her passion into a business in 2013. When she graduates high school, she wants to either travel the world for 1 year to consider college or attend a performing arts school. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram

About Moziah Bridges:
Moziah started his company because he needed an accessory to help him look sharp, but didn’t see anything out there that fit his style or personality. So, with the help of his granny, he started making his own bow ties. His dream is to become a fashion mogul. When he graduates high school in 2020, he plans to go to college and study fashion design. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram

For more information about Essynce and her company, visit To schedule an interview with her, contact Ms. Starr Barrett at (908) 977-6898 or

For more information on Moziah and his company, visit his web site at To schedule an interview, contact Ms. Tramica Morris at 901-315-8425 or

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