Make Your Move – Live Your Life to the Fullest


RELAX- Motivational MovementAre you living your life to the fullest? There is more to life than just going to work and paying bills. Life is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Don’t let your life own you. Own your life. Find out what matters and only dance to the beat of your own drum.

Don’t give away your joy, your power or your money to people who don’t deserve them.

Life is too short to not be doing the things you want to do. Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” If not, why not?

You deserve to be happy because you are worth it! Don’t wait for someone else to complete you. If you depend on others to define your purpose and your worth, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and even misery.

Do something special for yourself.  Learn how to be with yourself and know that it is okay to be by yourself.

Ask yourself:
“Am I living my life to the fullest?”

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  1. GREAT ADVICE! As time goes on we as the human race forget to enjoy life and live to the fullest. Many have forgotten the true meaning of living to the fullest and many cannot comprehend what that exactly means. Seems like many are just trying to make living from paycheck-to-paycheck forgetting or losing site of living instead of just surviving.

    Our minds are cluttered and our hearts are burdened with issues that stagnate us from living and having a healthy mind and spirit.

    We do deserve to be happy and enjoy life. Because the life we have been granted is so precious and valuable. So try something new and live.


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