Meet Brandi S. Fisher Alliance for Police Accountability (APA)


Brandi S. Fisherbrandifisher
Alliance for Police Accountability (APA)  6 Years in the Industry

OW: What has been your greatest inspiration?
BF: My greatest inspiration is the idea that this work is a part of my purpose and bigger than me. Also, the state of things for many of our youth inspires me not to quit. I want to pour everything I know into them to assist them in creating the best world for humanity. I want to see their world change, and see them change the world.

OW: Name one person who you consider to be a great role model and tell us why.
BF: My maternal grandmother, Fannie Lee Carter, or “Nanny,” as we affectionately called her. She married my grandfather at the age of sixteen and was with him until he passed. She birthed and raised 10 children, maintained her home, maintained her husband’s business, held office, took care of her husband’s needs, ran her own business, attended church every week, and still managed to cook every day. She was the epitome of a superwoman. There was no gap in her understanding of anything going on in my generation, even with a large age gap between she and I. She understood. She was dignified and sassy. She always laughed and was full of love and wisdom. When “Nanny” was 85 years old, she told me she was still growing and learning. She said you never stop growing. I will never forget that.

OW: What was the best thing that you have ever done, which got you where you are today?
BF: The best thing I have done which helped me get to where I am today was to listen and learn from people that I do not like. Just because you may not like someone for a particular reason, it doesn’t mean that they are not a great resource and/or have an in- genious mind. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t work together. The focus has to be on the bigger picture, and the ultimate goal is bigger than any one person and his/her issue(s) with someone.

OW: What would you tell your younger self?
BF: That taking care of myself has to always be a priority. I must be intentional about my mental, emotional, and physical health. To be present daily and take in every moment, because life goes really fast and is extremely short. To ensure that I pay all my bills on time and keep high credit scores. To listen more and talk less. Also, that a relationship with God makes you unstoppable in whatever you’re purposed to do.

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