Meet Stephanie Durrett, President & CEO SD Transit Inc.


Stephanie Durrett President and CEO
SD Transit, Inc.dsc_0016
16 Years in the Industry


OW: What has been your greatest inspiration?
SD: My husband, Kenny Durrett. Although his passing was the saddest time in my life, it motivated, inspired, and challenged me to continue the good work he began: making SD Transit the best possible transportation company imaginable. His dream transferred from him to me, and came true through us.

OW: What advice would you give to anyone about following their dreams?
SD: Write your dreams down. Research all that it takes to accomplish your dream, including writing out a blueprint step by step with a timeline with short- and long-term goals. Get a mentor who shares the same passion to have as an accountability partner. Then bend your knees, prepare to work, and follow through.

OW: What is the biggest career mistake that you have ever made?
SD: Following my comfort zone and not forcing myself to experience possible failure. Also, lack of confidence in myself, refus- ing work that I did not think I could handle.

OW: What would you do differently in your career?
SD: I would return to school to take classes in communications, public speaking, and grant writing. Higher education is something I’ve always desired, valued, and respected. In addition, I would like to travel to other cities and build upon SD Transportation, mentoring to new business owners, continuing to help people, and expanding my husband’s vision through my own eyes.

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  1. Am in the prime of my life.Started training in a field I’ve always dreamed about doing. Today my Facilitator and manager expressed there concerns about my” VPH “volume per hour claims “processing”being below the company’s expectations. They want to see me be successful. My feelings on the matter as an imperfect human is torn. My prayer side say I respect how they want there company raned. I’m not given in or up. Mention accomplish this is my desteny no performance warning will take that from me . My advice take the feed back as positive and be the best the company every thought possible. God got your back


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