Metro Community Health Center Working to Address the Diverse Needs of Minority Patients

Metro Family Practice patient Myrna Snowdon,  and Dr. Homrok

Metro Community Health Center (MCHC) prides itself on valuing diversity. As one of the leading health centers in the area targeting uninsured or underinsured patients, and providing comprehensive primary care and integrated behavioral health, we understand the unique needs of historically marginalized groups and work to address those needs with quality and compassionate care. In celebration of Onyx Woman Magazine’s  over 25 years of Media for Women, we would like to highlight one of our female patients in order to obtain her perspective on how MCHC has worked to serve her unique needs.

In 2012, Myrna Snowden became a patient at Metro after her primary care physician of twenty-five years retired. It just so happened that the same nurse practitioner that worked with her previous physician had taken a job at Metro. Myrna said when she saw that familiar face it felt like fate, and she has been under the care of Dr. Homrok since. Myrna said that Metro has now become her “medical family”, and that Metro’s staff is friendly and engaging. From the registration desk to the physicians, she always feels welcomed. The relocation and renovation that took place in 2014 made a huge difference in how patients experience the health center. The colorful interior breathed new life into the center, and according to Myrna, makes the center more lively. When asked about the relocation to Swissvale, Myrna said that by car or bus, it never takes her more than 20 minutes to get to the health center from her home.

Myrna was open about her struggle keeping her blood pressure under control before coming to Metro five years ago. According to the CDC, African-American women aged 45 and older have the highest rates of high blood pressure in the country. One statistic showed that 67.8% of African-American women aged 18 and older are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Complications due to high blood pressure include increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Dr. Homrok worked to find a medicine regimen that would successfully stabilize Myrna’s blood pressure, with the least amount of side effects, and without her having to drastically change her lifestyle. Myrna said she hasn’t had any issues with her blood pressure since.

Metro Community Health Center works tirelessly to ensure the physical and mental well-being of all our patients. We are pleased to announce that we have a full-time behavioral health specialist on staff that can meet with patients to address any mental health needs. We also host a diabetic support group that meets monthly to provide information and encouragement to our patients with diabetes, as well as a meditation group that meets on Tuesday evenings to help our patients better manage their stress.

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