Mommy’s Guide To Living An Organized Life During COVID-19


Written by Janet M. Taylor

Years ago I came across an article that listed the Rules and Regulations to join the Burnout Club ( I wish I knew who to give credit to for this great list) but after endless searches on the internet, I want to say Thank you because that was a great list for women everywhere.

Whether you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Godmother or mentor to young women, after reading this list if you can say yes to at least one of these rules it is time to put yourself at the top of your list.

1) Be a perfectionist everything has to be perfect especially you. Ok, this has happened to all of usbusy african businesswoman with baby girl working. This can cause stress, anxiety and it can cause project delays for small businesses. Perfectionism can keep small businesses from growing because they don’t want to move forward until everything is perfect. I once heard former client Les Brown share that when he first started out he would rubber band his cassette tapes together until he was able to package them. Not having his product package could have stopped him but it didn’t as his success has proven that.

2) Always eat “fast foods” or junk food for the quick energy you need to “stay ahead”. I always share with my clients to make sure they eat balanced meals, take time out for lunch, and keep healthy snacks available. Recently at a client site, I decided to place a lunch order with the staff. As I looked over the menu I realized that the sodium content was extremely high in several of the selections. As someone who was once on high blood pressure medicine, I shared with the others that instead of the soup and sandwich combo I was going to order a salad and sandwich. That got everyone talking and I am glad to say they everyone decided to change to a healthier selection.

3) Work more than 40 hours a week and as many holidays and weekends as possible. I was there. I can remember working late nights and a few holidays before I started my business. I was always so tired and I never really remember having any real fun. All that has changed yes I still work on an occasional weekend when I want to finish a project and have limited that to one weekend a month. I color code my calendar to ensure I don’t work too much. The color yellow represents Janet’s Fun Time. I have to see the yellow on my calendar at least once a week and if I don’t I make sure I do something to change that.

4) Assume responsibility for solving the problems of the world. Once a client looked physically drained so I asked her what was going in her life. She stated she was helping her sister find a new home, keeping an eye out for job leads for a neighbor, and helping a friend paint a room. I then asked her how old was her sister and if this is the first home she said no she decided to downsize and move into a condo, then I asked is this the first time the friend has had to look for a job again she said no, the neighbor was laid off and has been receiving free career counseling through a local agency. Last the friend that needed her room painted. Did this friend ask or did you offer? I just offered. I told her, her need to help everyone else was a sign that she did not have a clear agenda for her own life and that she must realize that some people need to do things for themselves or else they will always be dependent on you to do things for them.

5) Never delegate any responsibility and micromanage those things you do. Wow, every time I see that I think of so many people that need to learn in order to be a great leader or manager you need delegate that means at home too Moms. At the end of the day instead of you doing everything have kids who are age-appropriate to clear the table, put dishes away once they are cleaned, empty all the trash cans, and make sure all the mail is in one location. This will definitely help you with getting more done and home.

6) Never relax. I was shocked when visiting a friend that she never took a bubble bath in her beautiful bathroom. Relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize, stimulate circulation, and clear your lymph systems are the many benefits of a simple bath. One day after a long and stressful week I suggested that she take a hot bath, put on her favorite pajamas, and curl up with a good book. The next day she shared she felt like a new person ready to take on the world.

7) Say yes to every request. While working with a client to clear the clutter from her home office she received a call requesting her time. The guilt began to show and I asked her why she said yes, she stated she had a hard time saying no and who can say no to the Pastor’s wife? I said I can say no to my Pastor’s. It is not about disrespecting their position it is about respecting your time and energy. We worked on what she would say which was that I have been working on getting my health and life in order and can we sit down in a couple of weeks to discuss other ways I can help.

8) Don’t exercise. To my surprise, a friend had a membership to a gym and she was faithful at making sure the membership fees were paid each month, unfortunately, the only time she stepped into the gym was to sign up as a member. Despite here extremely full schedule she finally planned time to exercise. So in addition to all the other things going on in her life she is focusing on exercise to improve her health.

9) Never take time off for yourself or a vacation. The worst thing a person can do it never take time off. We need to rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit. When I take must needed time away from my business and other projects I am involved in it allows my body to rest, my mind to get clear and my spirit to listen. My team can tell you that when I come back I am more recharged, focused, and energized.

Janet M. Taylor is a life strategist, professional organizer, speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience helping people get organized. If you are ready to get your life totally organized visit her website at

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