Nikki Crate Foster


Name: Nikki Crate Foster

Title: Director of Sales

Company: UPS

Industry: Logistics/Transportation

What was the bravest thing you have ever done that got you where you are today? 

Despite public opinion, political correctness, and/or status quo, I have always remained true to who I am.  I vividly remember one of my manager’s telling me that I was not ready to go to the next level. I respectfully disagreed.   During a meeting weeks later, he showed a picture where a cat was looking in the mirror and saw a lion.  He’s words were, “some of you think you are more than what you are.”  My response……HEAR ME ROAR!!!

How have you evolved over the years?

Over the last years, the words growth, unapologetic, and authenticity have taken on a more prestigious meaning in my life.  I continue to grow as a woman, Mom, Wife, and a professional. I embrace each up and down that goes along with it.   I no longer have the desire to fit in.  I am unapologetically me.  And authenticity is a necessity.  If it’s not genuine, I don’t want it. More importantly, if it’s not genuine, I will not give it. 

6. What does receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership award mean to you?

I am forever humbled to be recognized.  This award is special because I get to show my two boys that a God-fearing, a hardworking woman is an amazing asset.  They should look to find a wife that exemplifies these characteristics and more.  But also the award means that my work is not done.  I must continue to excel, but more notably, help other aspiring women.  Growing in our journeys together can create an undeniable force in which all can benefit from.

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