Nominate a Woman-to-Watch 2018


Women are making a difference not only in our communities, but in the workforce, the business world and the political stage. We are giving a voice and being a voice for ourselves, our sisters, our children, to the women who have come before us and those young trailblazers who are also on their way.

We have been credited with taking a stance by voting with our voices and marching with our dollars. We are a viable force to be reckoned with. We are social media geniuses, business savvy entrepreneurs and are making inroads in the political arena.

We are making a difference!

We want you to tell us about the women that you know who are making a difference. Please leave their name(s), title and company name below with a very brief description of how they are making strides to make a difference.

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  1. I nominate Grace Crockett-Scott the Founder/CEO of Agnes’ Centers for Domestic Solutions for Overcoming domestic violence and implementing a safe haven for victims to come to, to also become an Overcomer. For the past 5 years, Grace has helped women, men, and families overcome domestic violence by educating the community, and providing treatment, and counseling to victims and the abusers to end the cycle. Grace is an amazing woman for what she does and I am proud of her.

  2. I nominate Kirsten Womack co-founder of Move with Mack ( ) because she is helping women in our community to reclaim their health and physical fitness. Kirsten is showing up for women by inspiring and motivating them to feel good about where they are, but also about where they are headed as they embody healthy mental and physical practices to positively transform lives.

  3. I am nominating a phenomenal woman Corey Lakins MSW/CEO AIMED Human Services. Corey is a woman who has strive through her dedication at ensuring that her son’s needs are met. She has been her son’s personal advocate and also other individuals with intellectual disabilities. With such passion and an ambitious zeal, Corey has expanded her company to provide a much needed service to the IDD/MR population which includes 24 hour residential services, respite care, and broker services. Her remarkable accomplishments has made her a true born leader paving the way for this population to live a wonderful life.

  4. I would like to nominate Jillian Bullock, CEO/President of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, an empowerment and entertainment production company. Through her company, Jillian produces books, movies, fitness programs, and speeches that empower people and to transform their lives. Jillian is also the founder of Fighting Spirit Warriors, a fitness for self-defense program. As an advocate for girls and women, Jillian created this program in 2003 to teach females why it’s vital to be “Fit 2 Fight 2 Have a Safe Life.” She also conducts workshops on safety and preventive measures so females can reduce their chances of becoming a victim of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, and domestic violence. With the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement being a major part of helping females tell their stories, and get the support and help they need, Jillian’s program is needed more than ever. As a survivor of rape when she was a young girl, Jillian prefers to give females the tools necessary to avoid becoming a victim, instead of what they should do after they have been physically assaulted. Over the years, Jillian’s award winning program, has helped change, improve or save the lives of millions of girls and women.

  5. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Corey Lakins MSW, President/CEO of AIMED Human Services in recognition of her leadership and tireless efforts in addressing intellectual developmental disabilities, and providing individualized, high quality services. Corey has been committed to advocacy and program development for individuals with special needs, and is also highly respected in the community, as well as within her church family.

  6. I would like to respectfully nominate Kirsten A Womack ,Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Move With Mack.In addition to being a Social Media genius and business savvy entrepreneur, she is showing up and showing out to help others embrace their healthy selves, In this ever-changing climate of Self Care, nutrition and exercise she is able to tap into her clients’ most basic needs and provide an individualized plan to maximize results. She is continuously provided with positive feedback from clients and is following her passion by consistently pursuing Health Coaching Education to stay on top of the most current information. With her winning combination of professionalism, fun enthusiasm and genuine caring, the future for her clients and her Community at large will surely be bright!

  7. I would like to nominate Corey Lakins MSW, President/CEO AIMED Human Services of Pittsburgh, PA. Corey has been a phenomenal resource and source of support for families of individuals with disabilities that prevent him or her from caring for themselves. She has advocated for the rights of those who many may not consider; a voice to the voiceless. Prior to launching her own agency, she was responsible for the operation and business of programs responsible for providing mental health services to individuals with mental health diagnoses, intellectual disabilities, and dual diagnoses all while training and developing staff in the field of social work. Currently, her agency is growing by leaps and bounds as she continues to set the bar in her region for optimum standard of care. She has dedicated her life to the cause, and has demonstrated her committment to the field of social work.

  8. The woman I would like to nominate is Corey Lakins MSW, President/CEO AIMED Human Services. Corey started AIMED as an advocacy agency to assist families who were caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities secure the care they needed for their loved ones. After years of supporting her own son who was begin cared for by a residential provider, she became frustrated with the substandard level of care and inconsistencies in the services he was given. So in 2015 she expanded the agency’s services to provide 24 hour residential care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, community habilitation (community integration), respite care and broker services for the same population. Under Corey’s leadership the agency is growing by leaps and bounds. She is committed to providing a loving, healing, family-focused environment to all who services from AIMED.

  9. Wave is having a major impact on empowering women in Low Income Communities. We offer so may services and before WAVES received a dime, we did this for free. My Therapist Naomi Ward volunteered with me for one whole year. Women have purchased homes, women have had such an increase in their self esteem and self worth. We are excited about what will happen now that we have received some funds for our project.


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