Nominate Your Candidates for the 2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards

Who will walk down the pink carpet?

The candidates must be women who empower other women. Leave their name in the comment section along with why they should be honored. The women must be from the state of Pennsylvania. More details to come.

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  1. Hi, Ola
    I nominate Maria LaVelle, CEO of Pheple Credit Union for the 2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Award. Maria is an energetic, brilliant, highly respected executive with 20+ years in the credit union space. She’s a community leader and visionary financial services professional that excels in a male dominated industry. She models an exemplary and authentic leadership style and confidently navigates and leads from the board room, to a community room or a member’s home to personally offer condolences. She works tirelessly to promote and empower her majority female team to leadership positions in a male dominated industry.

  2. Good morning
    I would also like to nominate Shawna Solomon, founder and Owner of Shawna Somon & Associates. Shawna has been in business for nearly 2 decades ans I have witnessed her pivot before the pandemic to create an organization to help women entrepreneurs bud their brand and markers their businesses. In just under a year, she has helped numerous women nearly triple their sales! Mrs. Solomon is also passionate about helping other women succeed in business and uses various social media platforms to share resources with us.

  3. Hello…
    I would like to nominate Ms. Angel Boyd. She is the Human Resources Director for the Woodland Hills SD. She works with all of our young ladies daily on her own time with nothing but positive motivation and sincere good intentions in order to give these young ladies a chance at a better life. She also is on the Board of the Dress for Success Pittsburgh. Another group that works to empower women to become their best!

  4. Good morning, Ola!
    I would like to nominate Kim El for the 2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Award Honoree because she exemplifies empowerment to women through her writings of poetry and plays. She speaks to us about the traumatic affects of domestic violence and much more. Her creativity is to be noted!


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