Nominate Your Candidates for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Awards

Who will walk down the pink carpet?

The candidates must be women who empower other women. Leave their name in the comment section and why they should be honored. The women must be from the state of Pennsylvania. More details to come. Click on the link below to nominate.

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  1. Good Morning Ola, I would like to nominate Soleil Meade for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Award for these reasons:

    Her goal is to help people bring their vision to life and she does that with women Through her business SBE where she empowers women business owners who attend my workshops through education, resources, and networking. The brand development and coaching she provides take a woman’s vision to a marketable reality. She also employs women to empower their skill sets and vision. Her business is also about to sponsor 1-2 women to attend the On Our own Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

    Her ministry/non-profit- I Am Handpicked is focused on girls and women to help them expose and evict issues and elevate their purpose. Soleil mentors several young women through their transitions in life. She hosts healing cohorts and retreats for women who desire healing in their lives. She hosts workshops and gatherings to provide safe spaces for women to express themselves, connect with others, and grow in various areas of their lives. Her non-profit often provides financial support to women who’ve been a part of our program that are in need.

    Soleil is also one of 3 co-founders of a newer ministry, More For Me Women’s Faith Collective, which focuses on creating outings and connections for women of faith who want more in many areas of their lives especially their faith. They are taking a group of women to Woman Evolve 2024.

  2. Good Morning Ola, I would like to nominate Rev. Nikki Porter for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Award because she has:

    1. Mentored young adult women 1:1 for their spiritual, leadership, and musical career development
    2. As a vocal coach for female recording and performing artists:
    Female trio, The BGVs
    Dejah Monae
    Keea Dorsey
    Oberlin Conservatory freshman, Amelia Reines
    CAPA student, Eliana Cooke
    3. As a Trailblazer as a full-time female Minister of Music and Head of Staff at Eastminster Presbyterian Church (first ever in their history)
    4. As the only female teacher on the team at the Gospel Connection music conference in Italy, leading 400+ people.
    5. By being recognized with awards by YWCA for work in racial reconciliation (2019) and New Pittsburgh Courier Women of Excellence (2022).
    6. She also owns female-led business of Nikki Porter (soloist, band & singers, choir director, workshops, etc.)

  3. Greetings Ola,

    I would like to nominate Dawnese Snell for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Award.

    Ms. Snell is a member of the Pittsburgh Black Nurse in Action (PBNIA) and a Lifetime
    member of the National Black Nurse Association. She has been active in the community
    through PBNIA doing community service events such as blood pressure screenings at
    several church events such as Community Day at Mount Ararat Community Center, The
    Cornerstone Baptist Church Health and Wellness Fair, Health Education at The Life
    Ministries, and as a luncheon committee member she helped to plan and implement the
    annual PBNIA Nursing Scholarship Luncheon.

    The nominee has been an adjunct instructor to first level nursing students at various
    campuses for the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). She has guided and oversees her students who come to nursing as a second career with no experience, some who a experience in the medical field, some who come to nursing fresh out of high school and are very excited to start this new chapter in their education, and those who have made a decision that they’ve always wanted to be a nurse, so now is the time to do it. Being a mentor and instructor to the students helps provide guidance and support. Ms. Snell has been a nurse for over 20 years and with her background and experience she can provide advice in regards to networking, connecting students with healthcare
    professionals, and helping them find employment opportunities once they have graduated and passed the nursing NCLEX state board exam.
    As a nurse Manager, Ms. Snell is responsible for a staff of over 30 nurses (Registered Nurses,
    Licensed Practical Nurses and Healthcare Technicians). While managing her staff, she is seen as a leader, role model, teacher, and someone who will help to support and develop them in their nurse role. She provides support to those who want to further their career, attend conferences/classes, and bring new projects or opportunities to the work area. She is very patient, open-minded, and honest when staff present information or ideas. She is sure to make them aware of the options and resources available to them and if there is something that she is unable to answer she makes sure that she finds what the staff needs by connecting them with the right person who can help them.

    In her personal life, Ms. Snell has been a very active member on her social media sites where she encourages friends and followers to put themselves first, by staying active, going to the gym, and eating healthy. She feels that if she can encourage one person to put themselves first then she has made a difference.

    Ms. Snell was awarded by her nursing organization Pittsburgh Black Nurses in Action to
    attend the 2023 National Black National Association NBNA conference in Atlanta as a
    delegate. She was one of 2 delegates selected to represent the Pittsburgh Chapter at the
    NBNA Conference.

    Ms. Snell received the first ever Nursing Oscar Award, this award is given to managers who
    have been in an acting role covering other areas outside of their assigned position. (2020
    and 2016)

    Ms. Snell has completed and maintained her Medical Surgical Certification, which requires
    her to complete 75 additional CEU’s in addition to the required 30 that is needed to
    maintain her nursing licensure.

    Ms. Snell has competed in several fitness competitions for the Organization of Competition
    Bodies (OCB) since 2015 and has been honored to be a judge in 2 shows and will be a judge
    in the upcoming competition in November 2023.

  4. Greetings Ola, I would like to nominate Aris Turner for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Award.

    Turner, a proud Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, faced a life-changing diagnosis of high blood pressure at the age of 28, all while managing a limited income and the additional responsibility of raising a child with autism. Undeterred by these challenges, Aris made it her mission to transform her circumstances.

    Guided by a virtual fitness program and buoyed by her family’s unwavering support, she embarked on a transformative journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Shedding 30 pounds and successfully reversing her high blood pressure, Aris realized that she possessed the power to be a catalyst for change within her community. This realization drove her to become a certified Zumba and Xtreme Hip-Hop Step Aerobics instructor.

    Aris’s fitness classes have evolved into more than just exercise sessions; they have become a safe haven for individuals from diverse backgrounds to initiate and sustain their wellness journeys. Her personal life journey and triumph over health challenges serve as a beacon of inspiration, motivating others to recognize the paramount importance of their health.

    Aris has seized the opportunity to lead numerous classes across the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, imparting her passion for fitness to women and the community. Additionally, she extends her generosity and expertise to provide fitness classes tailored to seniors dealing with Parkinson’s disease, collaborating with the Parkinson’s Foundation of Western Pennsylvania.

    In essence, Aris Turner’s dedication to health and well-being transcends the physical; it fosters a sense of community, empowerment, and unwavering support for all who seek to embark on a transformative path to better health.

  5. Greetings Ola!

    I would like to nominate Apostle Annette M. Carswell for the 2024 Onyx Woman Leadership Award.

    Being a woman who was empowered early on at the age of six years old by her parents, to speak, articulate thought, and have an opinion was intensely placed in her.

    That empowerment remained with her through her introduction to Christianity.

    She understood early on in her salvation, that the work of the Lord was also in sharing the gospel and empowering others with its liberating principles

    Therefore, through several ministries, such as Daughters of Zion, Women of PHM, Global Kingdom network, the Deborah’s Network, Mentor Program for Female Apostles and Generals, and a myriad of ministries within a local church and national she has had the pleasure of 30 years of empowering young women and seniors to walk out their purpose and destiny.

    She was also honored to produce books on purpose, and how purpose matters, in each one of us.

    Currently, she is mentoring 40 women under the Cup of Elijah Prophetic Ministry, and in Potter‘s House Worship Center most recently since the passing of her husband.

    Apostle Annette loves seeing the power of God, launching women into their purpose and destiny!

  6. Good morning, Ola!

    I want to nominate Diana Byas, owner of Thick But Fit Crew LLC, who I have known for over 18 years, as a 2023 Onyx Woman Leadership Award Honoree because of her “Why” she started her business.

    She had a health scare that changed her life, and she is on a mission to empower other women to do the same by encouraging us to eat healthily and exercise. She thinks out of the box when offering services at her center, and clients have lots of fun while getting healthy.
    She also exhibits excellent leadership skills in her business and her place of employment.
    I genuinely believe Diana will be an outstanding addition to the history of women honored by Onyx Woman!

  7. I nominate Duprene Jackson . I have yet had the pleasure of meeting her in person but she has an very powerful influence even on the social media platform . Always very straightforward , resourceful , enlightening , creative and has the desire to be a staple in our community .

  8. I would like to nominate Tiffiany A. Chamberliss.
    She has conducted various community projects like a hair blitz, book bag give-aways, and providing clothes and items to the indigent. She has been a valuable asset to women on a national basis in founding a Sorority and is the CEO. She is also a wonderful woman of God who inspires her peers in her preaching and establishing her identity in ministry. She has encouraged other women to serve in the community and enrich their own lives while developing their character.

  9. I would like to nominate Tiffiany A. Chamberliss who has been a valuable asset to women on a national basis in founding a Sorority and is the CEO.
    She is also a wonderful woman of God who inspires her peers in her preaching and establishing her identity in ministry. She has encouraged other women to serve in the community and enrich their own lives while developing their character.

  10. Hi, Ola
    I nominate Maria LaVelle, CEO of Pheple Credit Union for the 2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Award. Maria is an energetic, brilliant, highly respected executive with 20+ years in the credit union space. She’s a community leader and visionary financial services professional that excels in a male dominated industry. She models an exemplary and authentic leadership style and confidently navigates and leads from the board room, to a community room or a member’s home to personally offer condolences. She works tirelessly to promote and empower her majority female team to leadership positions in a male dominated industry.

  11. Good morning
    I would also like to nominate Shawna Solomon, founder and Owner of Shawna Somon & Associates. Shawna has been in business for nearly 2 decades ans I have witnessed her pivot before the pandemic to create an organization to help women entrepreneurs bud their brand and markers their businesses. In just under a year, she has helped numerous women nearly triple their sales! Mrs. Solomon is also passionate about helping other women succeed in business and uses various social media platforms to share resources with us.

  12. Hello…
    I would like to nominate Ms. Angel Boyd. She is the Human Resources Director for the Woodland Hills SD. She works with all of our young ladies daily on her own time with nothing but positive motivation and sincere good intentions in order to give these young ladies a chance at a better life. She also is on the Board of the Dress for Success Pittsburgh. Another group that works to empower women to become their best!

  13. Good morning, Ola!
    I would like to nominate Kim El for the 2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Award Honoree because she exemplifies empowerment to women through her writings of poetry and plays. She speaks to us about the traumatic affects of domestic violence and much more. Her creativity is to be noted!


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