Cynthia Hill: Promoting Self-Care Through Her Luxury Soaps & Body Products


On The Third Day Luxury Soaps & Garden is a Mini Spa-tique. You can purchase therapeutic herbal bath and body products. soaps, lotions,creams, body scrubs, facial towels and pillows, candles. Free Facial demos and hand massages by appointment. How-to herbal bath and body classes.

The mission of On The Third Day Soaps & Garden is to use ingredients so pure and simple they could have come from one of the earliest gardens on earth. This beautiful, poetic verse about an early garden inspired our name – On The Third Day.

Cynthia’s story is inspiring. In 2003 after the death of her mother Cynthia needed something to ease her grief. She was 47 and a stay-home mom. With $500 and a dream she opened the original Sunflower Marketing Products home boutique where she sold handbags, jewelry and handmade soaps.Inspired by family, the local, vibrant customers, plus her interest in healthy living, she developed and created pioneering bath and body care products. All formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients. The bath soaps and lotion scents were customer inspired. Packaging was sparse-nothing was wasted. bottles could be returned and refilled. In 2005 the name Third Day Luxury Soaps and Healing Gardens was born.


OW: How long have you been in business?

*Third Day Soaps Garden was established in 2008.

OW: Why did you go into business?

*The business was inspired by events following my mother’s death in 2003. Making natural soaps was my outlet in grief therapy.

OW: Why did you choose this type of business?

*The business kind of chose me. I fell in love with the idea of making beautiful natural soaps and face creams. Not long after, I started formulating them and began selling them to friends and family. They were the ones who encouraged me to start a business.

OW: What is your greatest challenge?

*My greatest challenge is trying to turn off the creativity. I adore my business and every facet of it. It’s very challenging to not work. I find peace and solace in my business. It rewards me everyday.

OW: What is your greatest reward?

*My greatest reward is knowing that my grandchildren and family are proud of me and support me. Being my own boss affords me to do things with and for them that a traditional job just can’t provide.  I spend more quality with them.

OW: What would you do differently in business?

*Probably nothing.  The choices, opportunities and lifestyle I have is a direct result of things I’ve done and decisions made in the past. However, if I was to do anything differently it would be to ask for help earlier on.  You can’t build a successful business alone, although, you can start one alone.

OW: How do you balance your business and personal life?

*Balancing business & personal life is an ongoing work in progress.  I am consistently looking for ways to tweak them both.  I like to take little one-day vacations to break up my time working in the business. Also, I enjoy a bi-weekly body massage to help keep my mind, body & soul balanced.

OW: What advice would you give other business owners?

*If you’re thinking of starting a business or expanding a current business, make certain it’s the thing you love to do most. This passion will keep you afloat when things seem to be sinking and you can proceed with success all the way to the bank!

Cynthia L. Hill, Owner

Cosmetic Scientist, Certified Herbalist & Skin Care Expert

Connect with On The Third Day
Instagram: thirddaysoapsgarden  Phone: (412) 290-0611

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