2022 Onyx Woman Leadership Award Honoree: Ki Ki Brown Gets People Talking

KiKi Brown - Mecca Gamble Photography

What was the bravest thing you have ever done that got you where you are today?

Hmmm…I have done a lot of brave things in my life. One day, I traveled to New York City by myself to audition for a radio gig (Radio103.9) to do a 6-hour show FOR FREE. I went to the Today Show by myself and ended up on the plaza and landed a spot as the Plaza Fan of the Day; on camera with host Sheinelle Jones. I tweeted the show ALL THE TIME and they remembered me! That was crazy!

How have you evolved over the years?

I learned more about programming. I started an online radio station (Urban Media Today Radio) that runs urban ac format music, sports & entertainment podcasts 24/7. I figured since I got passed over for Program Director jobs on the radio, why not start my own station? It’s been challenging because my schedule is so demanding, but it’s all mine, and I’m the boss, and I can do what I want.

I learned how to read a teleprompter. I am a BEAST at social media marketing. I started a podcast. I am learning how to become a better networker, podcaster, and blogger. It’s just me, so it’s hard sometimes, but I’ve noticed I do a lot more than I did when I started.

What does receiving the Onyx Woman Leadership Award mean to you?

It’s an honor and an exciting reminder that people are watching you. That hard work does pay off, and it means helping others really does make you a winner. You think that people who excel in their work by getting over by being vindictive and spiteful really don’t win, they just look like they do.

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