Our Hair, Our Choices


Our hair texture is one of the physical characteristics that most differentiate us and distinguish our features. But accepting our unique difference for some has been a long, painful process.

The way we wear our hair has caused controversy, curiosity, hurt, pain and passion. There is a revolution going on: “Say it loud, I’m natural and I’m proud,” is the mantra heard throughout the community and all throughout the World Wide Web

People either hate, like, love or just plain ole can’t tolerate the sight of our natural state of being. In spite of the response from those even in our own community, many African-American women have opted to adorn and accept what comes naturally.

Cultural awareness and acceptance among mostly our younger generation has helped many grace and promote a look that was once frowned uponEvolving Woman by people who look just like us.

Some people want to touch it, others have fussed over it, and there are those who have even fought over it. Nevertheless, however you feel about it, Black women are celebrating the diversity of ways they can wear and display their crown and glory.

In spite of the controversial corporate stigma, Black women are now strutting into the workplace with cultural pride. Sistas are just happy to be nappy and relieved to move away from the perms, weaves, straighteners, and other chemically-altering and damaging techniques that take them away from their natural state.

The available options to style and adorn our hair are endless. This is a hair revolution; a movement toward self-discovery and celebrating who we are: our heritage, our ethnicity and our diversity.

So what do you have to say about it? Leave us a message in the comment section.Sisters; Melinda and Julie

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