Packaged for Success: Your Public Relations Strategy

Shopping Your Business
Shopping Your Business

By Ola Jackson

Public relations is a very important tool in growing your business. I recom- mend that everyone who is self- employed take a Public Relations’ course. I receive marketing packages on a daily basis. Seventy percent never make it to my desk. Unfortunately, many of the promotion- al materials are thrown together so poorly that I usually just stand by the garbage pale and dispose of any mail that simply leaves me confused.

Keep in mind that the information you send out is a reflection of the quality of work you do; and how little, or how much, effort you put into your business. If you do not have writing or graphic design talent, find someone who does. Take a good look at your brochure, letterhead, logo and business cards. Do they really reflect the best that you can do? Is the information clear, concise and newsworthy? Do you stand out over and above your competitors?

I suggest that you do not use the free business cards offered over the Internet. Nothing says unprofessional like amateur marketing materials that send a clear indication that you put very little effort or investment into your business. It is important to get the attention of your audience and make sure your message is clear. Media rep- resentatives do not have a lot of time or desire to review a large folder full of news clippings, long letters and other support materials.

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