Pantsuits on the Rise


The renewed popularity of the pantsuit seems to have been inspired by our new Vice President, Kamala Harris. The chic, tailored pantsuit, seems to be her style of choice. Paired with her trademark converse shoes, Vice President Harris,  displays her confidence and comfort all while influencing a style transformation throughout the world.

I have always loved a pantsuit. I have opted for pantsuits for my less formal affairs. When I want a more relaxed attire while in a less structured environment, a pantsuit is my ensemble of choice. Pantsuits just have a way of making me feel a little more comfortable than my basic fitted pencil skirt and tailored jacket.

These are the most popular types of pantsuit that women love and choose: 

Narrow-leg pantsuit

The narrow-leg pantsuit is also considered a classic pantsuit. The narrow-leg pants come between the straight-leg and the skin-tight leg, which makes them a perfect choice for women who love to wear feminine and body-contouring clothes. The narrow-leg pant can come in different lengths, among which, the most popular is the ankle length. These type of pants comes with a short and the medium-length blazers. It is a classic choice that you simply cannot go wrong with. 

Wide-leg pantsuit

The wide-leg pantsuit is a more fashionable and trendier pantsuit option, especially popular among the fashionistas and trendsetters who are always looking to add a tone of sophistication to their look. The wide-leg trousers are flowy and voluminous, delivering an exceptional look and style. This type of wide-leg trousers usually come with an oversized blazer, adding to the trendy look. 

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