Planning A Smooth Morning Routine for 2018


By Janet M. Taylor

Sometimes is it hard, even difficult to get out of the house on time.

When you have children it may seem like an impossible task.

Below are a few tips that will help you and your family plan a smooth morning routine.

1) Have a set bedtime

Not only should you have a set bedtime but avoid watching television before you fall asleep.  Get in the habit of reading a book or use the last 30 minutes as your quiet time.

2) Prepare the night before

Preparing for your day the night before can save you valuable time in the morning.

Before going to bed and before your quiet time decide what you are going to wear.  Next, pack the bag you will carrying and make sure your keys are where you can find them.

3)Have a set wake up time

Establish a set wake-up time.  I get up at 5am every day so I will have time to read, pray and exercise.  Start your morning stress-free by not getting out of bed, getting dressed and rushing out the door.

4) Get dressed before going downstairs 

The experts say to get dressed before going downstairs and those that live in apartments would get dressed before
entering the kitchen.  If this works for you great, especially if it helps you save needed time in the morning.  Also if you have very young children sometimes it is better to dress them after they have eaten their meal.

5) Simple breakfast

If you have to leave the house very early, eat something that is easy to prepare.  There are many varieties of healthy foods available that you can eat and enjoy and save time preparing them.

6) Build in extra time

Build in an extra 15 to 30 minutes to give yourself time to do everything you need done (check voicemail, email) before you head out the door.

7) Leave the house on time

Decide what time you need to leave the house in order to arrive at your destination on time.  Then work backwards.  If you have be at work or your appointment by 9am and it takes your 45 minutes to commute then make a goal to leave the house by 8am to allow for minor traffic delays.

Having a smooth routine will take time, so each day do one thing that will bring you closer to this goal.  Think how happy you will be when you finally reach it.

Janet M. Taylor is a professional organizer, speaker and author with over 20 years of experience helping people get organized.  If you are ready to get your life totally organized visit her website at
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