Poised, Polished, and Professional


By Jarene Barnes

These six principles will help you become poised, polished and professional:

Self-Awareness of Your Talents and Abilities – Use your inherent gifts and talents. Don’t sit on your assets! Remember talents must be shared. They are not for your benefit alone.

Understand Others – Customize your selling style. The power of persuasion begins when you get in sync with another person’s values.

Build A Power Base with Friends in Power – Having a group of loyal friends, colleagues, and mentors whom you admire, respect, and support you (and vice versa) is crystal for your success!

Packaging and Presentation – Look the part by dressing to the level you aspire to achieve. Your speech conveys your mood, authority, and sense of purpose. Remember to state your points clearly and concisely. All eyes are on you!

Charm and Charisma – People desire to be in your presence. Your charm and charisma enriches every room that you enter! Remember to always smile and be approachable.

Self-Promotion? – Most definitely! Campaign for yourself. You are your biggest promoter. Seize the opportunity to write articles and give speeches thereby increasing visibility for yourself and your business!

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