Restore your Briefcase for Power and Style


Well, it’s time to head back to work, and you need to do it in style. Your briefcase or attaché bag should be an investment— keep it in tip-top condition. A briefcase makes a statement of power and style. 

A woman’s briefcase can be her most powerful accessory.  Remember that a great briefcase can serve as an overnight bag and carry-on luggage as well. You can even find cases with detachable wheels. A briefcase is not like a purse that you replace every few years; it should have a longer shelf-life.


  1. Make sure your briefcase is functional with easy access, which means it should have various compartments for things like your laptop, your glasses, pens, pads, make-up, etc. I love a front pocket for the items I need to retrieve right away.
  2. Choose real leather. You want your case to last, so a quality fabric is a necessity.
  3. Invest: If you don’t want to pay for a new quality case, check out resale, thrift shops, and consignment stores.
  4. Design: by all means, you must have a case with a long attachable strap for easy carry, and make sure your items are secured with zip-lined compartments.
  5. You can break tradition and go with another color other than black or brown. Select a unique, flavorful color to create a signature look, but keep it professional. 

There are essential items that you may want to keep in your case to avoid having to restock your case every time you use it. Items include:

  1. Make-up, hairbrushes, and comb
  2. Hand sanitizers
  3. An extra pair of eyeglasses
  4. Ink pens, Notepads, and notebooks
  5. Change for parking
  6. Your phone and computer charger and other accessories

Self-care: At the end of each story on our blog, we tie in self-care advice. Just like that briefcase, take good care of yourself, know your value and carry yourself with power and confidence.

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