How to Get Paid for Your Ideas: Pricing for Your Business




One of the major obstacles we face in growing our businesses is learning HOW to ACCURATELY PRICE our product or service to make a PROFIT! 

There are several factors involved in making our pricing decisions. Some factors are logical and some are not. Today I want to talk about internal barrier that many small business owners have, especially women.

Trained as consumers from childhood on, we forget that we are business owners and we have to set our prices accordingly. When we set a price, we may secretly think” that’s too much to charge and the PROFIT is too HIGH” and we lower the price.

The selling price of the product has to be taken into consideration, not only the costs of the product, (labor, material, transportation, etc.) but the costs of running the business and a profit. Without PROFIT the business does not grow and thrive.

Another factor to consider is how women are used to sacrificing themselves and putting others’ needs first. This often leads to the owner taking a low salary or none at all. I ask my clients if they had to pay someone to do all that you do in the business how much would that be? Usually, they laugh and reply, “a good deal more than I pay myself”.

Lowballing your salary does NOT give an accurate cost of running your business. It does result in two negative results:
1.   It does not SAVE money it creates personal cash flow problems. Which in turn creates problems with creditors and family members.
2.    It  does not give an accurate picture of what it costs to run the business. And that leads to lowball pricing which leads to no profits or growth for the business

It is time to put a “true value” on your contribution to the business and give yourself a raise. That raise will not drive you out of business. If your raise your salary a $1,000 a month that translates roughly into $5.00 an hour based on a 200 hour work month. And I know most of you work at least 260 hours a month.

Remember you are a business owner, not a consumer. and it’s time to put yourself into the equation of success.

FOR the RIGHT HELP in  DETERMINING THE RIGHT PRICE …Give  Price it Perfect a Call!
Best wishes for a successful and PROFITABLE  business.
JoAnn R. Forrester

S.I. Business Associates


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