Are You Sticking to Your Resolutions


Hang in there, girl! 

We are curious, let us know in the comments below if you are sticking to your 2020 resolutions. Getting motivated is the easy part. Staying motivated seems to be the struggle.

Share how you are able to get over the hurdles when you get discouraged and fall off the track. Let us know how you get back on track. What do you need to keep you inspired?

We may pick your comments and feature your story on our site.

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  1. I am sticking to some of my resolutions. My main focus was my Health ,Spiritual, and of course making progress in my business. I have made great connections in 2015. My challenge is time management and being consistent. I am working toward those goals. I have been challenged at times. So when that happens don’t beat yourself up. Reflect on what can you do better. A journal is a great way to keep motivated. Also, mirror someone who mastered the goals you want to achieve.

  2. I am still focused on my resolutions for 2016. I took a different route this year I am making them life-long resolutions. I have established a set of habits and rituals that I want to incorporate in my life this year and by developing these habits and rituals I will be able to accomplish my goals. So I determined the big goal and then I established what do I need to do every day to bring me closer to achieving that goal. I keep inspired by knowing that I am on track and I create daily videos for accountability.


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