Retired Entrepreneur Grace Robinson Will Receive The Lifetime Achievement Award


Grace Robinson, Retired Entrepreneur

Grace Robinson Insurance Agency Inc.

  1. What role has the support of other women played in your success?

Women like my mother, sisters, family, and close networking friends played a very supportive role. My mother’s love and wisdom gave me strength and guidance to continue to move forward when times as an entrepreneur were the hardest. My sisters are my best friends. I needed someone I could trust and talk to in my darkest and brightest moments, knowing whatever I said would remain private. My family gave me the love I needed, which helped support my mental state.

My networking women friends and organizations such as Onyx Women are made up of very strong women whose shoulders I could rely on to help keep me standing.

  1. Are you where you thought you would be, and how did you get here?

Through hard work and a great work ethic, I am where I thought I would be, happily retired and living my best life.

  1. I would tell other women they can overcome most obstacles if they believe in themselves, know they have what it takes to make it, create more friends than enemies and have very strong faith.
  1. What does the phrase, “Sis, I see you!” mean to you?

The phrase, “Sis, I see You!” means to me that I am here to listen, support, and mentor you. You can count on me.

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